Maggie Perez
Alliance for Diversity Awareness
Anchor Club
Debbie Hossley
community service organization - focuses on brain related disorders
Animation Club
Kristen Gartner
Promote computer animation
Anime Club
Mary Ann Widman
Student Interest - Asian (Japanese) pop culture awareness
Ann Marie Hopkins Art Alliance
Jenny Lucas
Student interest promoting art
Art Club (Senior Campus)
Caryn Rock
open to any student with an interest in visual arts
Asian Pop Culture Club
Gabriela Rivero
Emphasis on Asian Music & Dance
Mark Schmid
Dina Graves
tryouts and must be enrolled in the class
Joni Perez
instrumental music education - must be enrolled in Band
Bass Fishing Club
Henry Burns
Student interest club concerning the sport of bass fishing
Best Buddies
Melissa Powell
encouraging friendships between regular ed and special needs students
Bowling Club
Mary Jacobsen
competitive bowling
Pam Meyer
Business Professionals of America
Catholic Highlanders
Doc DePieri
Student interest club for students to discuss the Catholic faith
Ceramic Club
Ron Viol
work with ceramic materials
Charitable Creativity Club
Elvira DePieri
Student interest charitable service club
Wendi Spears
Alexandra Lammers  
Donna Roberts
must tryout and be enrolled in the class
Chess Club
Laura Landsbaum
chess club for beginners and advanced members
Chinese Club
Jihua Jiang
further understanding of Chinese people and learn about the Chinese culture
Chinese National Honor Society
Jihua Jiang
honor society for those that excel in Chinese language studies
Patrick Newcomb
must be enrolled in course
Christian Student Union
Pam Padgett
inspirational Christian group
Joni Perez
TWHS color guard & winter guard support
Comic Book Fan Club
Caryn Rock
Student Interest - club for comic enthusiaists, primarily a discussion club
Computer Science Club
Steven Smith
explore computer science concepts
Cycling Club
Jennifer Hedges
Student Interest - promote cycling and particpate in cycling activities
Dance Club
Heather Hays
Dead Poets Society
Stella Hansen
Student interest club to discuss poetry
Walter Willis
compete in debate tournaments and UIL competition
Kelly Gourley
association for students enrolled in marketing courses
Diamond Darlings
Kristen Gartner
support group for baseball
Downton Abbey Club
Carmen Murphy
Student Interest club related to British drama and comedy
Drama Club
Tim Jackubek
TWHS Theater support
Dungeons Club
Jan Pound
Student interest club centered on the discussion of RPG games
Marjorie Filer
for students interested in business related fields
Robert Dueitt
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Kim Ford
Aaron Rodgers

promotes agricultural education and student leadership
Fife Literary Magazine
Bethany Gerlach
creation of a literary magazine
Film Club
Heather Limmer
students learn to analyze and evaluate film
French Club (9th)
Sophie Suszylo
practice French and learn about French culture
French Club (Senior Campus)
Teri Whiteman
practice French and learn about French culture
Future Docs
Lauren Hamel
Student interest - discussion concerning medical careers (non-HOSA students)
Future Medical Professionals
Jenny Jiang
Educate students concerning careers in medical field
Gay-Straight Alliance
James Rowland
Promote an accepting environment for GLBT community
German Club
Kristen Carroll
social club, learn about German culture and traditions
Health Occupations (HOSA)
Lori Hard
community service in the medical field
Hermanos Mayores
Mandy Harper
assist ESL elementary age children - mentor program
Highlanders for Orphans
Jenny Lucas
Student interest club to raise awareness of orphans in Haiti
Highlander Heroes
Josh Lindsay
coordinate community service activities/donations for service members/familys
Deanna Smith
Heather Hays
drill team - must tryout and be enrolled in the class
Hoop Honies
Wendi Spears
Student interest - spirit group for basketball
Ice Hockey
Matt Davies
competive hockey - see Mr. Davies for information
Industrial Technology
Robert Nightser
TWHS CAD support
Jorge Estrada
Katherine Thom (9GC)
community service club that works directly with Rotary
International Student Organization
Darla Crowson
Cultrual awareness organization
International Thespian Society
Tim Jackubek
Honor Society for theatre
Japanese Club
Masumi Reade
learn about Japanese language and culture, exchange program
Key Club
Dennet Hushka
Pam Knowlton (9th)
community service organization- associated with Kiwanis Organization
Kindness Noted
Kristen Saldana
Promote kindness through community service activities
Lacrosse (Men's)
David Seale
competitive lacrosse
Linguistics Club
Nancy Lehman
promote study of the lingo of contemporary English language and slang
Linked for Life
Jan Pound
sponsorship for community services to benefit others
Literary Society
Tonya Thornton
Lacey  Estrada
Dana Robinson (9th)
students read a variety of generes and discuss the various books
Magic Club
Robert Hare
educate and promote performing magic art tricks as a performing art
Kristen Saldana
Student Interest - Mongomery County Animal Shelter - volunteers & disscusions
Model UN Club
Courtney Shannon
Student interest club to discuss international relations and the United Nations
Mu Alpha Theta
Darla Crowson
Lisa O'Neil (9th)
Math honor society
Muslim Student Association
Lisa Kroger
Student interest club for student to discuss the muslim faith
National Art Honor Society
Caryn Rock
Honor society for the Visual Arts
National English Honor Society
Janet Emmons
Angela Cress
honor society for those students who excel in language, writing, literature
National Speech & Debate Assn
Walter Willis
TWHS Speech & Debate support
National French Honor Society
Terri Whiteman
honor society for excellence in French language
National Honor Society
Peggy Cashion
invitation only - based on academics, character, service, leadership
National Social Studies Honor Society
Claire Salmon
honor society for social studies
Laura Landsbaum
high school newspaper - must be enrolled in the course
Aaron Michaelson
instrumental music education - must be enrolled in Orchestra
Overtones A Cappella Group
Patrick Newcomb
Student Interest - a cappella creative expression group
Project Purple
E. Bethell, J Lucas & T. Morrow 9GC
Breaking stigma of addiction & substance abuse awaremness
Quill & Scroll
Laura Landsbaum
Honor society for Journalism
Random Acts of Kindness
Jan Pound
spread kindness around the community and school
Real Solutions
Gabriela Rivero
Student interest community service club
Redefining Beautiful
Carmen Murphy
promote inner beauty and inner confidence
Robotics Club
Matt Davies
build robots to compete
Rugby Club
James Rowland
teach students how to play rugby
Kristen Saldana
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Scholarship Club
Bonnie Graham
Student interest club focusing on peer assistance with scholarship applications
Science Bowl Club
Elvira de Pieri
Prepare and practice for Science Bowl competitions
Science National Honor Society
Jenette Champagne
Science honor society
Scuba Club
Kristen Carroll
Discussion group to share scuba stories - networking - (not for scuba trips)
Skills USA
Jenny Hobbs &  Eliseo Garcia
Association for students enrolled in Audio Video Production & Architecture
Smash Club
Kelli Myers
Student Interest - club to discuss the video game Super Smash Bros
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica
Emma Mauri
Spanish National Honor Society
Society of Internationalist Club
Sophie Suszylo (9GC)
student interest - cultural exchange
Spanish Club
Emma Mauri
promotes conversational Spanish and Hispanic culture
Student Council
Kristen Gartner
student government organization
Students for Academic Success
Jan Pound
Tutoring in academics to children in need throughout the Houston area
Candace Theriot
encourages students to consider a career in education
Teacher Appreciation Club
Renee Frank
Student Interest club dedicated to recognizing teachers
Texas Future Music Educators
Aaron Michaelson
students who are interested in becoming music educators
TOMS TWHS Campus Club
Suzie Phelps
help send shoes to students in need in other countries
Travel Club
Terri Whiteman
Discuss travel desinations and tips for traveling - (not for sponsoring trips)
Try New Things Club
Elvira de Pieri
Explore personal interests, develop new habits, expand personal comfort zones
Tutoring for All
M Perez,  E Jaime (9GC)
provide opportunities for acculturation, support, and exposure to other cultures
TWHS Art Trust Committee
Jenny Lucas
promote art at TWHS - specifically to work with TWHS permanent art collection
TWHS S.T.E.M. Society
Robert Nightser
Student Interest - promoting science, technology, engineering & math careers
Water Polo
competitive water polo
Woodlands Girls Lacrosse
Lance Skinner, Jill Wallis
promote participation in the sport of girls lacrosse
Mary Ann Widman
must be enrolled in course
Yosakoi Club
Masumi Reade
Student Interest - for students interested in traditional Japanese dance



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