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To Report an Absence:

Please call the Attendance Hotline at: 832-592-8215.

Leaving Early:

If your student needs to check out of school prior to 2:35 dismissal, please send a signed note with him or her in the morning, stating the check-out time and the reason for leaving. He or she will exchange the parent note for a Permit to Leave form in the Attendance Office upon arrival in the morning or during lunch. Your student will meet you in the Attendance Office at the designated time. If you’re unable to send a note in the morning, you may call the attendance office at 832-592-8025.  We will send a pass to your student’s classroom. To smooth the process and minimize class interruptions, we strongly encourage a parent note rather than a phone call authorizing an early release. We appreciate your efforts to plan in advance.

Students will only be released to parent(s) or guardian(s) as specified in their official school records. If you want to authorize another individual to pick up your student, you must include that information in your note. Please be aware we may call you for verification. Everyone checking out a TWHS student must present a photo ID.

Arriving Late:

TWHS classes begin at 7:20 a.m. and are dismissed at 2:35 p.m. Students who arrive late, but by 7:35, are considered tardy. Students who arrive at 7:36, or later, are considered absent from their first class of the day. Please remember, students who arrive at school after 7:35 need to check in through the Attendance Office and have a parent note (or phone call) providing a reason for the absence. Students must check in and out of school through the Attendance Office when they arrive late or leave campus early.